Amara Raja Group

A socially conscious organisation, growing with the community.

Amara Raja Group in line with its Core purpose believes in delivering high social impact through all its businesses and also in the communities around.

Right from Inception, our commitment and service to the society was of paramount importance. Thus, social development and contributions started in Amara Raja much before CSR contributions were mandated for organisations in India.

Our responsibility involves the relentless determination to transform, improving the quality of life and providing better access to better opportunities to more people all the time.

All companies in Amara Raja Group contribute towards CSR Activities, 2% of profits or 0.2% of sales whichever is higher, much before it became a law in the year 2014.

From community relief and rehabilitation in times of disasters to education opportunities, health and wellness programs for the needy, we make sure that our work touches the targeted level of rural society who needs our help, assistance and the emotional support. Some of our programs are even executed with the help of our employees who are free to volunteer.

Amara Raja also undertakes systematic surveys and studies to ensure that the CSR efforts are gaining the necessary impact in the communities that we operate. Recently, Amara Raja engaged the Indian Institute of Management, Bengaluru to undertake a scientific study and survey of the social impact, the results of which were heartening. The study also provided feedback and learnings on what should be continued and what more can be done.

Content Philosophy Section

  • Continual commitment to Core Purpose
    Continual commitment to Core Purpose
  • Passion, Patience and Perseverance tied with Humility
    Passion, Patience and Perseverance tied with Humility
  • Constant focus to the communities that we operate
    Constant focus to the communities that we operate
  • Community Engagement & their happiness
    Community Engagement & their happiness
  • Direct Delivery Model - Reach & Touch the benefits directly to the beneficiaries
    Direct Delivery Model - Reach & Touch the benefits directly to the beneficiaries
  • Inspire all Stakeholders to be committed to Social responsibility
    Inspire all Stakeholders to be committed to Social responsibility

Amara Raja Group delivers its social responsibility activities predominantly through the following three vehicles

Rajanna Foundation

Rajanna Foundation

Employee Volunteering

Employee Volunteering

Krishnadevaraya Educational & Cultural Association

Krishnadevaraya Educational & Cultural Association

Rajanna Foundation

Rajanna Foundation is a registered NGO, fully supported by the Amara Raja Group, serving as a vehicle to channelize the Group’s contributions towards it's social responsibility in the fields of Education & Literacy, Skills Development, Health & Nutrition, Environment & Natural Resource Management, Food and Agriculture, Art & Culture, Village Development, Employment, Rural Development & Poverty Alleviation, Women Development & Empowerment, and more.

Rajanna Trust is deeply involved in the following thrust areas:

Amara Raja Educational Society (ARES)

Amara Raja Educational Society, under the aegis of Rajanna Foundation, runs the education initiatives. ARES has three Schools at Karakambadi, Petamitta and Diguvamagham. ARES focuses on giving an opportunity for quality, city-equivalent education to local students, pioneering the rural education system and creating well-educated individuals from these areas. Students from these schools regularly top state and national level examinations and have gone on to study at the best institutes for higher learning.

Amara Raja Skill Development Centre (ARSDC)

ARSDC has its core objective to provide systematic technical & non-technical training to people from rural India and to help them acquire both life and job skills.

The centre focuses to minimize the talent gap in the society by providing training in accordance with the ever changing business/work environment in the industrial and allied sectors. And hence the Mission of ARSDC is SKILLING RURAL INDIA TO 'MAKE IN INDIA'.

ARSDC runs an eighteen months fully residential course on Skill Development including technical and life skills, enhancing employability and enabling students becoming better citizens.

Students are carefully selected from deserving and humble backgrounds and the entire course is fully FREE including food and accommodation for all the students who get selected for the course. Besides the course being free, when the students are placed in the industry for the 'On the job training' modules, they also get a stipend.

Primary Health Centre (PHC)

The PHC with 30 beds along with 5 sub-centers, provides medical services for 81 villages with Rajanna Foundation providing all the necessary infrastructure for these Medical Centers. The vision is to make this the Model PHC for the country. The PHC has been established under the PPP model (Public Private Partnership Program) with the Government of Andhra Pradesh.

Environment and Social Forestry

  • Objective of Soil Conservation and Vegetative Regeneration.\
  • 222 Acres of barren hillock spread over three villages adopted for greenery
  • 30 Acres of land purchased and donated to Government
  • 40 Tribal families employed

Village Development

Rajanna Foundation has undertaken major initiatives representing the Amara Raja Group for the adoption and development of the surrounding villages that include construction of roads, rainwater storage tanks, and supply channels among many others.

In Chittoor district, Rajanna Foundation has constructed around 23 check dams and deepened 6 existing Lakes, ponds and other water sources.


  • Rajanna memorial recreation park & library
  • Drinking water purifier plant
  • Indian bank
  • Amara Raja vidyalayam
  • Telephone exchange
  • Complete electrification
  • Proper roads


  • Mangal Vidyalayam & Junior college
  • Primary health center
  • Skill development center
  • Rice mill
  • Andhra bank
  • Telephone exchange
  • Complete electrification
  • Proper roads

Employee Volunteering


Employee volunteerism is part of The Amara Raja Way® and is well integrated into the company culture, and this has significantly contributed to employee engagement and wellbeing. Amara Raja believes employee volunteering offers all team members the opportunity to help the communities they serve, increase employee retention, improve happiness at work, and in turn improve organization efficiency. In the long run this volunteering initiative can realize the sustainable society in many ways.

Our leadership members and their teams are highly involved in various societal activities in the locations they work. Employees from different teams like Finance, Supply chain, HR etc spend a Sunday with people who are in dire need and support - like Orphanages, AIDS rehabilitation center, old age home, etc at different office locations in the country. Amara Raja highlights the practices and efforts that employees have done and offer several suggestions for future consideration.

Some of our recent contributions:

  • Jammu & Kashmir Floods - 2014

    One day salary contribution by all employees

  • Andhra Pradesh Floods – 2014

    One day salary contribution by all employees + Double the amount from Promoters

  • Chennai & Andhra Floods – 2015

    Employees contributed to essential supplies for victims in extremely affected areas, and also contributed their one day salary


Krishnadevaraya Educational & Cultural Association (KECA)

Established in 1974 by Smt. Aruna Kumari Galla & Dr Ramachandra N Galla as principle donors to support meritorious students from the rural background.

KECA strongly believes that a society's development greatly depends on the education and empowerment of its people.

  • Till date supported 2045 students with scholarships that amounted to Rs.1.59 crores
  • Financial assistance is provided for students pursuing Medicine, Engineering, Polytechnic, Science, Arts, Literature and Nursing.

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